Langley RibFest – Corn Hut

What a fun weekend this was!! This weekend, August 18 & 19, our club and the Surrey – Newton Rotaract Club came together to help with Langley’s first Annual RibFest, hosted by the Langley Rotary Club. This was a weekend full of corn, freezies, fun, laughter, and well of course… ribs!

This was a 2-day event, our clubs had members from both Rotaract Clubs at all of the shifts for the weekend. We were based in the Corn Hut, put to work selling corn, snacks, drinks, drink tickets, oh and freezies! The Rotaract Clubs partnered to buy freezies and sell them in the Corn Hut, Rotaract received 100% of the proceeds from the sales and then split them between the two clubs, to go towards community fundraising/ outreach.

We learned that some of our members  are natural salesmen/ saleswomen, those freezies were being sold left, right, and centre. We also got to be friends with the lovely police officers/ security guards as they took multiple photos for us.

Our club can’t wait to help at next year’s Langley RibFest!!

Sunday’s morning shift crew, Lexie, Ryan D, Leah, and Meghan from Semiahmoo Penninsula Rotaract and Ryan S and Andy from the Surrey – Newton Rotaract
Lexie and Ashley from Semiahmoo Peninsula Rotaract
The “Freezie Gang” – Lexie and Leah from Semiahmoo Peninsula and Andy and Ryan S from Surrey – Newton Rotaract
Look at those smiles! Andy and Nav from Surrey – Newton Rotaract and Ashley and Lexie from Semiahmoo Peninsula Rotaract


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